gosh, i’m such a poop sometimes. I was all comfy in my pj’s and under my covers ready to watch the latest episode of the office, when it started and I realized….oh, this is the episode from last week *headdesk*. I downloaded episode 11 again! SO, while 12 is downloading, I decided to blog. I would’ve picked playing WoW, but then I’d get sucked in and never watch the office. Besides, the download would lag my game playing :P

Had a good week. Work was meh. Had a 10 minute screaming match with a 4 year old over shoes. It was the rainiest/nastiest day Amsterdam has had in a long time. Of course she wanted to wear her nice sparkly glitter shoes and I was the “stoute au pas” (bad au pair) that wanted her to wear her rain boots. After ten minutes of screaming/arguing and getting nowhere, I just told her the glittery shoes were lost and for whatever reason that seemed to pacify her. I’ll never completely understand the way a kid works. *sigh* Went to Paradiso with Mike and his friend on Wednesday night for the fischerspooner dj set. I wasn’t expecting the set to be that great, but it was! I had so much fun dancing until early in the morning. Really glad I decided to go. I was contemplating not going because I had to work early on Thursday morning. But if you know me, know you about my strange power (omg, now I want to hear that magnetic fields song. In fact you should too! i’ll post it at the end) to go out until the wee hours of the morning and wake up at the crack of dawn like I had slept the entire night through. It’s weird and I’m not sure where I acquired that power, but I’m not complaining! Didn’t work like that today however! Due to far too many drinks last night. I had planned on staying in last night and hitting 80 with my priest(about time, right?! )I dinged 79 the other day and decided that this was the weekend for me to hit 80. or so I thought! Arjan called and convinced me to go out to a party at teh sugar factory where a friend of his was VJing.. Glad I went because I had so much fun. Dancing, drinking, and I even got to play VJ for about 10 minutes and I fell in love with it. It probably sucked, but I had fun doing it. Didn’t get home until 5am or so, and woke up at 10 feeling really crappy. I stayed in bed and watched The Darjeeling Limited. I loved that movie. It re-sparked my love for Adrien Brody, which forced me to download the pianist so that I can re-watch it for the millionth time. He’s just so good in that film…also, it’s a great film. Anywho, enough about Mr. Brody. I loved the movie! I dont know why so many people dislike it. I thought it was beautifully shot and had great dialogue. But what do I know. I’m the girl that still counts My Girl in my favorite movies of all time.

I had a real American burger today! MMM MMMM MMM! It was so good. I dunno what it is about Dutch burgers, but they aren’t very tasty. They taste kind of rubbery. So, I was beyond excited when Emily suggested we go to Hard Rock Cafe to endulge in some American food.

oh and i’m sick again! With some cold-like-thing. Probably because I didn’t fully recover before I started my usual going out antics or maybe because I forgot to turn the heat on last night (woke up frozen!). So, now I am officially NOT going out or drinking until I am 100% recovered. so, don’t call me and try to convince me to come out with your offers of free beer and “omg, soph, there are hot boys here!”. i will not fall for it this time! I hope…

oh and my boss got me an iphone


a chocolate iphone. cute. but I would prefer an actual non-edible one…or at least a milk chocolate one! sheesh


4 thoughts on “:/

  1. hehe, I used to work as nanny few years ago and I can still remember that neverending issue of matching clothes to weather outside… Today it sounds fuuny, but back then it was tough… so hold on! :)

  2. hahaha, you won’t believed it! I was wondering today why you said it a chocolate iphone. I mean why you said chocolate instead of just brown.. and I never thought that they actually produce brown ones. I thought they are only black or white. It was commin to my mind whole day. So I decided to have a double check on this photo. And I thought for a while “maybe this iphone is actually MADE of chocolate… nah, that’s sounds odd.”

    So when I saw this photo once again……. yup I feel sooo dumb! So blind! I feel like winnie the pooh! terrible, gotta see some doc.

    anyway, was it good?

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