so, my roomie and I have a mouse infestation in our apartment. I’m not sure how many we have, but it’s enough to keep us up at night! And no, it’s not because we leave food/crumbs everywhere. It’s just freaking Amsterdam. Mice are everywhere here. By the way, does anyone know why that is? Anywho, I have tried everything to get rid of them. Poison (doesnt work!), tried to convince my boss to let me borrow their cat(they wouldn’t let me!) traps with peanut butter-none of them worked! We did get one on a mouse trap by baiting it with potatoes that were cooked that same evening. These mice are picky! They don’t eat cheese or old food. It has to be freshly cooked stuff. These Dutch mice are hella smart too. Sometimes I set a trap and the bastards take the food without getting smashed! WTF mate!? So, today, I set a trap with a shrimp and noodle as bait. 30 minutes later I went to go check on it to make sure one of the mice didn’t steal the food. I look, and what do you know!? The mouse took the noodle! He didn’t eat the shrimp(are mice vegetarian?). I was just about to reset the trap when I heard/saw him. The mouse was still on the counter. I freaked out. I didn’t even know I could shriek as loud as I did. It was a continuous, loud, high pitched, one. I’m sure the neighbors heard. I screamed for Devynn to come look, but she is even more of a wuss than I am- so she was in the living room freaking out from the distance. I finally convinced her to come in and once she saw it she freaked out even more! He was stuck there! Under a little plate. I threw a towel over him and freaked out some more and asked Devynn what to do. She decided that we should put him in a plastic bag, take it outside, and let him free. Great idea! I got a knife(it was the closest utensil!)…to scoot him into the plastic bag. Just as I was about to scoot him, he ran! My reflexes kicked in and I just slammed the knife down…on his little hind leg. It was such a sad sight. He had to drag himself with his front legs into the plastic bag. I felt terrible and grabbed the bag and gave it to Devynn. She took it out to the curb. He’s probably out there with his broken hind leg, scooting around in the bag, that’s enclosed in another bag, and on the rough streets of Amsterdam south.

That’s my story. Devynn’s is here She cried. I didn’t, but I do feel bad! I even had to take a shower post murder!

I hoep PETA doesn’t spam me. It’s not like I did it on purpose! I was a vegetarian for 4 years. Surely that counts for something…right?


3 thoughts on “mice

  1. > By the way, does anyone know why that is?

    When I was there they said it was because of the all the construction the mice are being displaced into your home.

    This is the saddest/meanest story I have ever heard, I am glad you are upset with yourself :[

  2. Oh no. Like I said over at Devynn’s: If it’s any comfort, I’m guilty of the same thing. I accidentally set my cat on a mouse one Christmas. Cat had never seen a mouse before and I just pointed it out to him like, “Cat, lookie! A mouse!” Cat got him in two blinks. Poor mouse. Gone in two bites. On Christmas Day no less. But Cat was happy. Such is life.

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