Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m not very big on Thanksgiving, but this year I am somewhat missing it. Or rather missing trying to avoid it. I usually spend my Thanksgivings trying to get out of the dinners, trips to relatives or whatever boyfriends dinner(those were dramatic!). The past 2 Thanksgivings I’ve been in Amsterdam, so I didn’t really have to avoid them. Kind of takes the fun out of it. My favorite “avoiding Thanksgiving” Thanksgiving was when I actually came home for Thanksgiving break, with a friend in tow, but didn’t tell any of my family I was in town. Ha! It was fun. I think I spent that day playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and at a bar. This year I am celebrating Thanksgiving, just not today. Saturday, I’m attending dinner at my friend Tony’s house. I can’t wait! I’ve been promised gumbo WITH OKRA! That’s my favorite food(okra), if you didn’t know.

Nothing else to report. I’m going to St. Moritz for December/January holidays. Holla!


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