My laptop is acting up again! Yes, again. (remember when I had to fork out a pretty penny just a few months ago for a new motherboard and some extra stuffs!?) I know it’s time for an upgrade, but I am trying to hold out until the spring. You know? When I’m back in the states and won’t use every extra penny on travelling. But for now, hold on mac-y poo! I took her to the shop on Saturday morning. They looked at it and were confused! How can I be having motherboard problems so quickly after I just got a new one!? So, they kept her over the weekend. Got a call from the mac genius today and he said they couldn’t fix it, but that Apple will contact me about getting an exchange. Thanks Apple! I really am relieved that they aren’t just going to charge me again. Though, I am not too happy about having my harddrive wiped again! argh! Twice in the last 4 months! This will teach me to backup. Actually, it probably won’t, sadly.

Besides the apple issue I’ve been good! Well, not entirely good. I was sick with god knows what for 3 days. Something that had me in my bed for 2 days with fever and puking. It was gross and i’m glad its over. I saw Okkervil River Friday night with Kate and Robert. Amazing show. I wasn’t feeling very well at the show so I said as soon as they play my song, which by the way is Westfall, I am out. Of course my song was the very last song! haha! They delivered it beautifully. I was satisfied. The rest of the weekend was really fun. I miraculously felt better on Saturday and spent the day watchinging Real World with Devynn (I’m addicted!) and the nights partying. What?! It’s what I do! I also spent Sunday afternoon in the Van Gogh. Recievers of my postcards know that I go a lot and that everytime I go, I fall in love with a painting. This time-The freaking mound of potatoes. Dunno why. Just found it beautiful on Sunday.




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