My laptop is getting old! It’s time to upgrade. I really want one of the new macbooks.

I think I’ll get one after I move back to the states. That’s right folks. I’m moving back to the states. Not sure when exactly. March or so. Why? well, I can’t stay here forever! You know laws and stuff. I was originally only supposed to stay here for a year. That was the plan. And here I am. Still here a year and a half later. I love Europe, specifically Amsterdam, and I plan on living here again in the future when I can have a proper job and a proper visa. So, the new plan is after my contract is over-go on a huge European tour by bus or train, go back to the states, work/save money while living with the mom (omg, can i do that!?), and nursing school in the fall. Somewhere. Probably Austin,TX because I can get instate tuition and hello?! I have a built in BFF already there.

*sigh* but my plans are ever changing so who knows!? haha

I’ve been knitting this past week. Working on a cranberry ribbed scarf for myself. Isn’t the color pretty?

Hopefully I can finish before Sunday so I can start on another project. Though I’m sure I won’t be paying any attention to knitting, or anything else for that matter, after Friday. Friday is the day when the new World of Warcraft expansion comes out! Wrath of the Lich King. Of course, I’m getting it and will be leveling both my characters to 80! And of course my professions. Can’t wait for the new content. *squeals*


5 thoughts on “gosh

  1. My lappy just turned 4 years old, sounds like a lawnmower, and is slower than a snowbird in December. Time for a new laptop for me too only I plan to stay far away from the Mac section. :-p

    Try to stay in Europe till I return in May pleeeease. I’ll bring you american goodies if you do :-)

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