Election 08!

I’m live blogging throughout election day! HA! I’ll be watching CNN/BBC to get my updates throught the day! Chime in! (all times are Central European Time)

8:45 AM-A Dutch guy next door, who seems more excited about the possibility of an Obama win, infomred me that Mr. Obama had his first victory! A small one, but a victory!

2:05 PM– YAY PENN! God, i’m wasted. if you dont get another update, that means I have passed out >.<
2:31 PM-I’m quite nervous about this election! I feel the same way I felt when Obama and Clinton were vying for the Democratic nomination. Obviously, with much more to lose this time!

7:38 PM-AT home!. Just cooked a delicious dinner for me and Devynn. Cnn is on!

7:39 PM-If McCain wins, Robert is going to propose to me and I will get to live in the netherlands forever! (true story)

8:00 PMDennis sent me a link to a live feed! http://www.justin.tv/jose3030

Lol it has a chatroom!

11 something– Devynn fell asleep. I’m awake! watching the live feed, drinking and skyping. WHOA! first polls close in 10 minutes!

11:57 PM– hahaha, my Dutch kids can now point out Obama anywhere! Check it!

12:25 AM-Kentucky is McCain’s. Indiana is Obama’s! WOOOO

1:46 AM– Did I speak too fast about Indiana?!

2:08 AM-TN is Mccain’s. I knew it. Oh well, Obama has Penn!

2:12 AM-wasted! if I dont update anymore it’s because I passed out >.<

5:38 AM!-OBAMA! IS my elected president! I am so happy right now! Crying Tears of joy! It’s so late/early, but Im going to drink even more!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!

also, shoutouts to
Arjan for calling me the second it was announced to celebrate!
Kyle for calling me all the way from Australia,
my mom!
my Twitter friends
Americans abroad(shazzer!) staying awake until the wee hours!
Europeans chatting with me until the news was announced!

Oh and Devynn! for being a good sport when I woke her up at 5 am!

You guys really made me feel less alone when I felt so disconnected and far away!

Oh and made me feel better about getting drunk alone ^_^

*cracks open another beer*

Here’s to a great 4 years! It won’t be easy or perfect, but fuck! I am so happy/excited for a change!

6:51 am– I can’t sleep! EXCITED!


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