I remember my sister and I being so excited to go to the polls with my mom when we were children. She would take us with her and we would wait in line and go into the little booth with her. She even let us press the buttons! (I hope that wasn’t illegal :/) She always made sure that we knew how important it was for us, not just as blacks and women, to vote. She made sure we knew about the struggle, trouble, and blood in some cases, our fore bearers had to go through to secure us this right.

She and I went to vote earlier this week and it was just like old times! Except I got my own vote and there weren’t any old fashioned booths and buttons. Just a little touch screen. :)

Make sure you go out and vote(early or on election day)! If you’re abroad I hope you’ve already sent off for your absentee ballot! It’s really important for this election!

And for your information, I voted for Obama. Not because he’s black, but because he’s the best candidate. And oh you know, because I care about my healthcare, my uterus, and my future. Fuck Mccain/Palin! I seriously don’t understand how any person that’s middle class or lower, has a uterus, or is sane could vote for them.


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