Hey America

I’m back. The flight to Memphis was meh. It was 10.5 hours long due to a thunderstorm in the Netherlands that hit right after we departed. And of course right before we boarded I got my period. I should’ve seen it coming. This week I’ve been so emotional and a huge fat ass. Just ask  my roomie how much chocolate/ice cream I’ve eaten. Oh and my iPod died. Great start! Luckily, I had an entire middle row to  myself. That’s right, 4 seats to myself. I raised the armrests and laid across the chairs like a bed. It was  magnificent.  In between sleeping I watched some movies. I watched Great Expectations– I’ve seen it before, but because I’m in an emotional, “in-like” mood, it made me angry, made me laugh and cry. hahaha. Definitely pulled at my heartstrings.I watched The Fall for the first time. It was great and beautifully filmed. Rent it! I’d like to see it again in a more relaxed setting. I also watched harry Potter 2-I’ve seen it dozens of time, it’s always good  and “Must Love Dogs” which was the worst romantic comedy ever. It took a lot to get through it. 


I’m enjoying being back. Though the reason I’m here is unfortunate. I spoke to my cousin’s father yesterday.  I find myself not knowing what to say in situations like this. I thought that I was going to  be strong and have some great uplifting things to say, but I’m the one that ended up losing it on the phone and he had to ask if I was ok. He and his wife are trying their hardest to be strong. Trying to accept it and go on. I can’t imagine how they feel right now. Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and condolences. I really appreciate it.


I updated my website. (Well, Jim uploaded it and did all the complicated stuff. Errr…complicated to me, at least. It took him like 2 minutes to do it. )So, update your links!  My blog will be located at www.pinkielarue.com and not at the word press address. I found a theme I semi-like. Meh…but I want one that I love! If anyone knows of any cool sites with themes for download, let me know!  Also, check out my new links  to the right. Added some more friend’s blogs to my blogroll and new links under the Me!, Sites I think are cool, and World of Warcraft section. LOL


Speaking of World of Warcraft…there was a huge patch to the game and lots of new and exciting things have been introduced in preparation of the expansion! Expect some rambling post about it. Hahaha


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