Wow, I promised to blog more and look what I did! Blogged even less! So, no more promises because I will just break them. :3

:3 <—-that smiley really weirds me out. My friend Jim says it’s meant to be a cat. I don’t see it. It just looks like…nothing! I’m not even sure where you’re supposed to use it. I apologize if I used it in the wrong content above.

Hi guys! Sorry I was away…not sure anyone cared. I’ve not even been that busy. Just haven’t opened wordpress to write a new blog. I’m feeling productive today so here ya go! I even felt so productive that I blogged in that lame music blog I write in. Bring Back Pluto, if you’re interested. I feel weird writing about music, because I’m not really eloquent with my descriptions and who am I to tell you what I think is good or bad!? But I do it, because even if I don’t like it, someone may. And if that someone usually listened to Coldplay/3 Doors Down/Fuel, I’d feel like I helped a little in the world.

So, what have I been up to? I went to Groningen, a city in the north of the Netherlands, a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty big for Dutch standards, but with a population of 185,000, teeny by American ones! I loved it. It’s a college town so the atmosphere was very young and hip. I stayed there for a weekend with Rudolph. I had such a lovely time exploring the town and of course the night life. It’s pretty much a smaller Amsterdam without the snootiness, tourists, and much more “dutch”.

Another thing that has added to my absence is my acceptance to a raiding guild on my server! I applied to an Australian raiding guild on my server. Their raid times line up exactly with when I’m available to play. So, it works out perfectly. I was a little nervous about applying because even though my gear is fantastic(!), it’s a little bit behind the minimum to raid some of the end game raids. To you non World of Warcraft nerds out there, I’ll explain about raids and guilds. A guild is a group of people you do stuff with in the game. It’s usually about 30-150 people of all classes with some crappy name, such as [Rollin with the Gnomies], [PWNED], [Jesus had a soulstone] or [wait up yo, I’m fat] . Some guilds are a bit more serious than others and these guilds raid! Raids are(copied from wikipedia because I really can’t explain it as well as they could and helllooo! wiki is my bible) a type of mission in a video game, where the objective is to use a very large number of people, relative to a normal team size set by the game, to defeat a boss.. The raids my guild does are 25 and 40 man raids. SERIOUS BUSINESS! Hehe…anywho, I now raid 3 times a week for 4 hours at a time. Got some great gear. Check me out on the armory if you wish.–>AYDA!

My house has also been full with visitors. For the last few weeks my roomie and I have both had guests. First she had 2 of her mates from London, then I had my friend from Sweden, then she had another friend from Australia and I had 2 friends from Memphis! it’s been great having all of them here, some more than others. :) I always love when I have visitors. It gives me time to see Amsterdam in a different light. Last week I got to go on a canal tour and to the Amsterdam Historical Museum. Which was really boring. Don’t go…unless you’re into that kind of stuff.

So, that’s it. That’s some of what I’ve been up to. Sorry to all my friends who’ve had to suffer from my absence. Or maybe you didn’t even notice.


One thought on “hey-oo

  1. I noticed. I haven’t getting my NDL fix with regularly enough. I like the American living in the NDL perspective, because it reminds me of my own internship living there and seeing everything for the first time.

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