goodbyes again

Today is the last day of my vacation home. Before coming here I had so many plans. Plans to travel, hang out with friends/relatives, shopping, and just relaxing. Unfortunately, sometimes things come up, both out of your control(death in my case) and under your control (dude, I play too much warcraft) that screw up your plans. I have SO much to do today. Last minute shopping, visits/goodbyes, and of course eating at American restaurants/fast food places that I won’t be able to for months and months!
Farewell America! It’s been radical.


3 thoughts on “goodbyes again

  1. Hey! Yesterday I thought about you when I was booking my stay in Amsterdam and then this morning I see your post on LJ! How freaky :p

  2. Hi! I thought I should sign up here as well, as my LJ is just being a bit pathetic :P Sorry though I didn’t get your message earlier about us coming to Amesterdam. We only stayed one night though! I had a fantastic time and I am seriously considering moving to Amsterdam for a year. What do you think? Any tips? Lets talk about it :D
    I miss the city so much already, but I will be back in September for a week, though in Haarlem. But we can meet up then! ;)

    Talk to you soon,
    Jessica x

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