I’ve been back from my vacation for a week now. Finally over my jetlag. Nothing too exciteing to report. Some friends of mine, two guys who are backpacking through Europe, just left this morning. They stayed with me from WEdnesday until today. They were completely independent tourists so I didn’t have to walk/bike them around the city. All they needed was a map and bikes and they explored alone! We did hook up in the evenings to experience the night life together. you know, because i’m a professional at that part! Had some interesting nights. Including one with a visit to a strip club. hehe. It was nice having them around. they’ve only been gone for an hour but it feels so lonely in my house. They’re heading to Copenhagen today and then to prague, berlin, budapest, and some more cities i forget. They will be hitting 12 cities for 4-5 days each until mid July. I would love to do something like that. Maybe when my visa expires I’ll plan a huge similar trip before I head back to the states.

On Saturday I auditioned for a play. The play is called “a string of Pearls” and is about a pearl necklace that gets around. It starts off with one woman, she loses it, another one gets it, it gets stolen by some bum and he sells it to some other woman. Anywho, you get the picture. The pearls go through a lot of hands and the play is about the lives of the women’s when they have the necklace. I did ok. could’ve been A LOT better, but i wasn’t prepared. Also, auditions were done in twos so you could interact with another actress. Just my luck i get paired up with Mrs. Talent herself. The girl has been in so many productions in just the last year! She was amazing. I know I was shit comparatively. I’m glad I auditioned even if i don’t get the part, but I really hope I do! I’ll find out on Saturday!

Not sure what’s on the plate for the week. My friend Christina, just moved back to the Netherlands. She and I met last Septemeber and immediately hit it off. WE became best friends and then for some unkown reason she went back to the states a month later. She’s back and i’m thrilled! WE made quite a pair and are meeting up again this weekend! To celebrate her birthday and I’m supposed to plan something….


One thought on “muesli

  1. I like your hair! Very Sophi…sticated!
    Can you post a pic of the back too? I’m curious!

    Good luck with the play! The story sounds interesting. Made me think of the book/movie ‘The sisterhood of the traveling pants’

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