bad luck

I’m back in the Netherlands! For those of you that don’t know, I went to home to the states for a little over a week to visit family/friends. I had a good time. Enjoyed seeing everyone. I didn’t however, enjoy my luck with flights! Going to Memphis from Amsterdam I missed my flight! Why? As I was riding the bus to the airport they changed my flight time! They moved the departure time up by an hour. By the time I got to the airport my flight was gone. I was supremely stressed. So stressed that when I talked to a customer service rep about my dilemma, I couldn’t help an outburst into tears. She got me on the next flight(with a connection in Minneapolis) to Memphis. On the way back to Amsterdam my flight was overbooked and I wasn’t allowed to get on. I rebooked for 2 days later. Got to the airport and guess what?! Overbooked! Again! They even had to kick 3 people off the plane. I couldn’t believe my luck! I went to customer service and complained about the horrible luck I had been having. Customer Service guy sympathized and put me on the next flight to Amsterdam(no connections!). I arrived to Amsterdam safe and sound, but without any luggage! They lost my luggage! SERIOUSLY?! Can I get a break here? Apparently, my luggage was in Detroit. How and why I will never know. Today, two days later, my luggage arrived with a 25 euro voucher off of a flight. Thanks KLM. ughhhh


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