not my dream guy

I am directionally challenged. I google map everything and I still get lost. It was no surprise when I got lost on the way to meet up with AJ for drinks. What was a surprise was what happened on the way. I had to wave a guy down for directions. When I looked into the guy’s face I froze! Not only was he completely gorgeous, but he looked so familiar. I don’t know very many people in Amsterdam so I automatically thought “omg, this guy was totally in my dream or something! omg, my dream guy”. You know, because I’m a lame-o like that. After he gave me directions (the wrong way!) and biked off I realized where I knew him from. Ha! Not from my dream, but as the star of my friend’s movie(coincidentally the friend I was meeting up with for drinks!). It’s a cool short film about “one man coming to terms with his past relationships and vertigo.” Check it out here!(wordpress wouldn’t let me embed it so click the link)


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