That picture is from a couple of days ago. We went to our usual bar Belushi’s. I actually hate that bar. It’s located in the red light district and has awesome drink specials, but it’s part of a hostel. Which is sort of cool because you can meet people from everywhere,but also sucks because it’s usually  the typical 20 something year old looking that’s here to smoke lots of pot and screw a whore. Meh… I  usually go there to hang out with my friends and the cheap drinks and then head to the awesome places where the drinks are outrageous, but much cooler atmosphere!    So, hello weekend! Glad to see you again!   My danish roomie moved out yesterday and my Aussie roomie is in Vienna for the weekend so I have the house to myself. I was looking forward to spending it alone in pajamas playing warcraft and being a complete couch potato. But instead I’m having friends over for a sort of night on the town/sleep over.  Not sure what we’re going to get into, but I’m sure it will be fun! Had a great week. Work was ok. The oldest child had a temper tantrum, but I think I dealt with it fine. I just didn’t pay her any attention. And after about an hour of crying/screaming she realized nothing would come of it and stopped. I hung out with Chantal, Tim, and Chloe a lot. They’re off from work this week so they’ve been hanging around the city a lot! Nice, but I looooove my space. So, I probably won’t see them at all this weekend. Saw the funniest thing the other day while walking through the Red Light. Scene-A little girl of about 4 and her father. He was on the phone and staring into the distance and she was peakingin a window pointing! Hilarious. I couldn’t control my laughter!


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