I hope I’m not waking my roomie up with my typing. We share a wall and it’s a very thin wall. Last night I went to a dinner in honor of the danish roomie. She’s going back to Denmark on Friday. I should explain our living situation a little bit more. We three(me, the danish and the aussie chick) are au pairs(nannies) for families that are best friends/neighbors. The families are so close in fact that they removed part of their fences and now have a sort of community backyard. Our apartment is neighboring their houses as well. Very convenient! so yah…anyway. Going away dinner for Danish aupair  was last night at her family’s house. it was really nice. All of the families were there together- kids playing, parents yapping, au pairs drinking wine. After that I was supposed to go out with friends, but I was so tired that i passed out at 9 pm. Bad mistake because I’m wired now at 5 am! Going to get an eye exam soon. I should wear glasses all the time, but I don’t. I lost them a year ago in Rotterdam and never replaced them. Bad Pinkie! Thank goodness for nice healthcare! I’ll be getting a free exam which means I can splurge on the glasses!  

I got lost yesterday. I ended up biking around an extra 35 minutes in the rain. Story of my life! K. gonna try this sleep thing again… 


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