march is here

So, I moved into a new place. It’s still in Oud Zuid Amsterdam about 8 minute bike ride from my old place. I absolutely love my neighborhood. Only problem is everything around here looks exactly the same. Every house is built the same with the same red bakfiets(dutch bike with a sort of boxcontainer attatched) leaning against the door.  Needless to say, I’ve locked my bike at the wrong apartment a couple of times! I share the apartment with 2 girls who are also au pairs. One is from Australia and the other is from Denmark. The Danish girl is leaving next week and we will be getting a new girl shortly after.  So far, I love the place, but i have a few complaints. It is so teeny! But that’s the price you pay to live in the city.  Another thing is the floor…horrible hardwood floors.  Don’t get me wrong I adore hardwood floors! (My dream house is covered in them!) But these are horrible. Every little step makes the loudest noise!  Coming in late nights will be tough. Not  to worry  very much though. My roomies say they can sleep through anything and they are night owls too! I woke up really early this morning. About 7 am. not bad for being out until 3!  I played warcraft until I felt it was a normal hour to be awake and then I showered and spent my morning at the albert cuyp market. I shouldn’t have gone!I ended up buying new b oots(it’s going to be spring soon what am I thinking!), black low heels, leggings, and some decorations for the apartment. I’ll take pics when I’m all done!I have a birthday coming up. In 2 weeks! Squee!  It’s International Women’s Day! So hope all the ladies out there have a wonderful day! 


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